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KAQUN water represents an absolutely unique development in water chemistry that is able to prevent hypoxia (the lack of oxygen in the body) without side-effects, due to its highly-bound oxygen content. KAQUN water is created by a specific treatment process that enables substantially increased absorption effects in the body.

Simply put, KAQUN uses water as a transportation mechanism to deliver bonded oxygen chains by way of drinking KAQUN oxygenated water and subsequent absorption through your esophagus, or by way of skin (your body’s largest organ) absorption using KAQUN oxygenated gels, or from bathing in our oxygenated spa facilities.

The oxygen in KAQUN water penetrates the mucous membranes of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, and then penetrates the tissues. This process occurs quickly, reducing mental and physical tiredness within a short period of time.


Inside your body, natural internal pressure differentials between KAQUN’s bonded oxygen molecules 130hg and your body from 120hg (depending on your age) force the local absorption and wide distribution of these bonded oxygen chains via your bloodstream and into lower pressure and hypoxic cells throughout your body, but the real key to providing cellular rejuvenation comes from KAQUN’s sustained absorption.


When you breathe, oxygen molecules are absorbed through alveoli within your lungs and transported to your cells via the bloodstream.

Supercharging this process, KAQUN delivers an additional stream of oxygen (absorbed directly through the esophagus or the skin) in bonded chains. These bonded chains time-release this additional oxygen (up to 2-3 hours after ingestion) to your energy producing and hypoxic cells, via internal pressure differentials, thus improving the overall efficiency, health and energy production of your body’s cellular network.

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