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KAQUN water, unique in its nature, was born as a result of research work of twenty years. This drinking water made with a special procedure originates from Singapore. The first device able to bind the active oxygen in pure water was made in 1981. After that, twenty years of research work and development followed when the high oxygen content KAQUN water could come into the consumer market.


When consumed by your body (by drinking, bathing, or applying directly to your skin in gel form), KAQUN’s oxygen-infused water migrates to HYPOXIC (oxygen deficient) cells by way of the natural pressure differential between the consumed oxygen and your body’s deficient cells.


At your body’s hypoxic cells, the availability of KAQUN’s bound chains of oxygen are immediately absorbed to reenergize normal cellular respiration (where the cell’s mitochondria process glucose into the production of energy, also known as ATP - Adenosine triphosphate).


Most importantly, KAQUN sustains the cellular absorption of bound oxygen for hours after initial consumption. KAQUN water penetrates the skin directly, permeating the interstitial fluids and connective tissue and thereby delivering higher levels of oxygen than have been possible before.


KAQUN water provides the required levels of oxygen needed for peak health, vitality, immunity and longevity.

Any questions? Just let us know or keep reading for more information about the story of KAQUN. 

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