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All of our skincare products are derived from KAQUN water and provides the same rejuvenating effects. This includes inflammation reduction, sunburn recovery, and elevating the collagen productions in cells.


The unique oxygen clusters of the Timeless Desire Hyaluronic Facial Booster Gel quickly penetrate the skin surface and enter the deep tissue layers for maximum hydration. The first phase supplies the cells with oxygen, moisturizes fills, and strengthens the skin barrier for hours.




All processes that take place within our skin need oxygen (the formation of epithelial tissue, melanin production, glandular function). During the course of aging, the ability of the tissues to utilize and absorb oxygen diminishes. The cellular renewal processes of the epithelium begin to deteriorate. The elastic fibres decay and no new ones are produced. External causes such as sun exposure, air pollutants, and dietary toxins, contribute to the deterioration, creating free-radicals that cannot be adequately dismantled and excreted. A healthy oxygen level enhances the self-regenerative properties of truly living, vibrant skin.




  • Created directly from KAQUN water
  • Supplies the skin with oxygen
  • Enhances wrinkle reduction, bringing advanced rejuvenation
  • Improves skin barrier function and elasticity
  • Optimizes water reserves
  • Maximizes water circulation
  • Gives the skin a younger, replenished appearance
  • Provides a moisturizing effect to the skin by supplying amino acids to the stratum corneum
  • Reduces fine wrinkles
  • Helps smooth skin texture


Timeless Desire Hyaluronic Facial Booster is is available in 75 ml. / 2.5 oz. tubes

Timeless Desire™ - Hyaluronic Facial Booster®

  • PRODEW® 600

    PRODEW® 600 is a highly effective moisturizer formulated with NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) components. The amino acid composition of PRODEW® 600 is almost the same as the amino acid composition in NMF.


    Hyactive Hyaluronic Acid

    Highly active hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid can reach even the lowest layers of the skin, bringing new advanced rejuvenation possibilities. It reduces wrinkles and stabilizes skin structure, helping to smooth the skin. Demonstrated results include:

    • +26% wrinkle reduction
    • +34% texture improvement
    • +27% hydration


    Additional Ingredients

    Betain, Glycerin, Panthenol, KAQUN water

  • Use regularly, once or twice daily, by applying sparingly to the face and body. Timeless Desire Hyaluronic Facial Booster is recommended for even the most sensitive skin.

    For external use only. If contact with eyes occurs, wash out with fresh water.

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