The KAQUN Drops herbal extract food supplement is the newest addition to our line of products to improve your overall health and vitality. The 100% natural fermentation extract is a complex combination of herbs and probiotics that have the unique effect of rebuilding the entire gut microbiome, not just a part of it. The KAQUN Drops work together with your own individual lifestyle and eating habits to give you optimal health in your digestive tract, leading to a range of improvements in your digestion and immune system that keep growing as you continue to use the Drops.




Short-term effects (after 5 - 8 days)

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Microbiome rebuilding begins
  • Digestion is easier


Mid-term effects (after 4 - 6 weeks)

  • Activates the immune system
  • Reduces allergic symptoms
  • Reduces lethargy and chronic tiredness


Long-term effects (after 2 - 6 months)

  • Regeneration of the digestive system
  • Makes the immune system stronger and more active
  • Creates a healthy body weight:
    • An overweight person will lose weight
    • An undernourished person will gain weight



  • Completely unique in its composition and production
  • 100% natural living materials, therefore available in the form of drops, not capsules
  • Complex mechanism of action, combining herbs, fermentation, and probiotics
  • Balanced and gradual effects
  • Replenishes the entire intestinal flora, NOT JUST PART OF IT
  • Free of sugar, alcohol, and preservatives


For best results, use with Kaqun Drinking Water


Available in 30 ml bottles

Herbal extract content: 2250 mg/50 ml

Daily amount of active ingredients: 45 - 135 mg

KAQUN DROPS - Herbal Fermentation Extract

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