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The Caramella Story

In 2018, Piero battled his way out of a difficult health situation involving a quintuple heart bypass and the carotid artery replacement, followed by Cancer just a month later. As Piero was recovering from his bypass operation, he chose to find alternative means of eliminating his Cancer, stay fit, well and continue to enjoy life in good health and completely cancer-free.
Now Piero wishes to offer his experience by telling his story to anyone who may be interested to know.

Episode 1 - Health

Episode 2 - Cancer

Episode 3 - Survival

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Jozef Metelka 

12x UCI World Champion 2x Paralympic track cyclist winner.

Jozef Metelka's opinion and experience about the Kaqun bath.

How KAQUN Water fuels
World Champion Cyclist
Jozef Metelka.
Kaqun Water and Jozef Metelka The relationship between the Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Champion.

KAQUN water

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KAQUN and the impact of higher oxygen levels
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